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Wetlands and My Business

How can Wetlands help my Business?

Municipalities, Water Authorities, and Watershed Groups:

Wetlands can help reduce maintenance expenses, storm related damages, and storm cleanup. Wetlands can provide a significant reduction of storm water runoff. Restoring wetlands in the watersheds upstream of communities can greatly reduce the impacts that storms have within developed areas. Wetland restoration should be considered in all your municipal storm water management planning.

Schools and Universities:

Wetlands can help manage storm water, provide educational opportunities and wildlife habitat, and promote environmental sustainability. Schools and universities have to constantly deal with storm water issues on their grounds and campuses. Wetlands can easily be incorporated into storm water basins and used as a tool in the form of rain gardens. These activities further beautify the property, provide a low cost solution to storm water issues, and provide excellent areas for teaching students about wetlands, the natural world and sustainable development.

Golf Courses:

Wetlands can provide a valuable tool to help managers reduce nutrients in runoff, aid in buffering storm events, maintain water quality in downstream water hazards, and reduce deficiencies experienced in water supplies during drought conditions. Turf Managers are constantly dealing with nutrient balances, water supply, and storm water management issues on the courses they oversee. Consider wetland construction in the design or upgrade of your facility.

Hotels and Resorts:

Storm water flowing from parking lots and buildings can be captured in wetlands or rain gardens to help alleviate storm water issues, reduce maintenance and landscaping costs, and reduced maintenance activities. The wetlands will provide an excellent addition to your landscape and showcase your company’s dedication to the environment and the green movement.

Specialty Groups:

Wetlands can serve the habitat needs of your group’s species of interest. Wetlands have been decimated for years and many groups interested in saving specific species of wildlife can restore wetlands to serve their species of interest habitat needs.

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