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Food Development in Wildlife Habitats

Tree and Shrub Plantings

Trees and Shrubs can provide valuable food sources to attract many types of wildlife. BluAcres can design a planting plan for your wildlife needs and plant the trees and shrubs for your wildlife project.

Grassland Plantings

Many grassland species of wildlife feed on the seeds of warm and cool season grasses. BluAcres can design, plant, and manage your grassland project. Whether it’s a native warm season grass stand, cool season stand, or a combination of grass and forbs, BluAcres has the experience and expertise to assist you.

Wetland Planting

Waterfowl and many other species of wildlife find a majority of their food sources in wetlands. BluAcres can design a planting plan for your wetland that will attract waterfowl or wildlife species of interest.

Food Plots

There is a lot of information and literature available on food plots for wildlife, especially for white tail deer; annuals vs. perennials; Brassica or no Brassica, type of clover, etc. Every company has a secret recipe for attracting the Big Buck. Don’t be fooled by the hype in the advertising. Your food plots should provide a; nutritional need, for your target wildlife species, at the time they need it. BluAcres can design a food plot program to serve the nutritional needs of a target population of your wildlife species of interest.

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