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Water Development in Wildlife Habitats

Wetlands - "Our Specialty"

BluAcres specializes in the design and construction of Wetlands. Wetlands are very unique habitat type in that they can provide all the essential habitat components needed for certain wildlife species including; food, water, cover, and space.

To learn more about wetlands and their values click here.


BluAcres, LLC can design and construct the right pond for your needs.  Whether you need a pond to provide water for wildlife or livestock, a place to fish with your grand kids or that special place to raise and catch your very own trophy trout, BluAcres’ experienced staff can design and construct a pond that is low maintenance, safe, functional and last a lifetime.

Be cautious when hiring an Excavation Company solely to build you a pond. Environmental regulations, permitting issues, wetland impacts, soil stability and structure, hydrology, hydraulics, water quality, upstream land use, stream encroachments, watershed size, embankment limitations, storage area, habitat structure, erosion and sedimentation issues and size of impacts are just a few considerations that must be considered when planning and constructing a pond. Most excavators are very good at moving dirt and constructing a hole that will hold water but very few are qualified to design and construct a pond that is legal, technically operational, and biologically functional.

We pride ourselves in not only designing you a legal and technically operational pond that conforms to USDA-NRCS engineering standards but a pond that is also biologically functional.  At BluAcres a Pond is a lot more than just an area that holds water.  We design a functioning pond that is safe, easily maintained, and biologically functional.

For more information, download this EPA fact Sheet about pond management.
For more information, download this Pond Management Sheet from the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences.


Streams provide a great source of water for wildlife and add that added ambiance to any landscape. Streams sometimes need maintenance or repair due to an unforeseen change in upstream conditions or direct impact. Let BluAcres design, secure the proper permitting and construct a natural repair for your problem stream.

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